With the popularity and prevalence of mobile gaming systems, tablets and televisions in every room on the rise it is rare to find young boys who enjoy reading a book. They would rather be playing a game or watching a movie which are often scary, although I doubt that they would readily admit that they are scared by them. This series brings these two together but with classic horror stories rather than modern ones. The series consists of Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The House on the Borderland and The Picture of Dorian Grey. All of these books have a problem and a catalyst that leads to that problem. For Dr. Frankenstein it was lightning, for Dr. Jekyll it was his formula, for the travelers it was a journal found at an abandoned house and for Dorian it was the portrait. Each image on the covers of the books is in a different shape frame. The frame and image together represent the duality.

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